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Board and senior management

Our board and senior management jointly oversee the activities of Slater and Gordon Limited. The board is responsible for and oversees the governance and management of our firm, whilst senior management approve the appointment of the board's directors and holds them accountable for the performance of the company. Both our board and senior management strive to build sustainable value for shareholders, whilst protecting the assets and reputation of Slater and Gordon Limited.

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Corporate governance

We're committed to conducting our firm's business in accordance with high standards of corporate governance. Our corporate governance policies cover areas including Board and Committee charters, Slater and Gordon's Code of Conduct, Continuous Disclosure and Market Communications protocol, Share Trading, Risk Management and Diversity policies.

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Shareholder information

Since May 2007, Slater and Gordon Limited has been listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), trading under the code SGH. We recognise the importance of having readily accessible information for all shareholders and interested parties.

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ASX announcements

We believe in offering shareholders and interested parties full transparency about our past, present and future activities on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

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Reports and presentations

We firmly believe that investors need access to critical information to properly value and understand their investments.

This page contains the Company's most recent and historical Annual Reports as well as Full Year and Half Year Results which have been released to the ASX. It also contains any relevant investor presentation. For all other ASX announcements, go to the ASX Announcements page.

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In 2017, we secured funding from lenders to recapitalise our firm, as our debts exceeded the value of the business. We are currently focused on organic growth and improving our Australian operations to meet the ever-changing demands of our client base.

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