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What is TPD Insurance?

Total and Permanent Disability or TPD insurance benefit is coverage provided by many superannuation funds, also referred to as a disability insurance benefit.

This insurance cover, if provided under your superannuation, is a benefit additional to the contributions that you and/or your employer have made to your superannuation fund during the period of your membership. Most people are unaware or forget that this insurance cover is in place.

How does a TPD claim work?

In most cases with TPD claims, to qualify you must show that you are permanently unfit for your usual employment, or any other employment for which you are qualified based on your education, training and experience.

For example, it may be that your qualifications are limited and you have only ever done manual work. In such case, you could access a TPD insurance benefit even if doctors deem you fit enough to do an office job.

Generally, it does not matter how your injury or illness came about; just that you are suffering from a total and permanent disability or illness. Many people on workers’ compensation, motor vehicle injury compensation or the Centrelink Disability Support Pension can claim as well as people who suffer an unexpected illness that prevents them from working.

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How much is the TPD benefit?

Depending on the terms of the insurance cover, a TPD benefit may be significant and may help ease the financial burden you face during the difficult times that follow a disability. If you have a successful claim, a Total and Permanent Disability insurance benefit is paid as a lump sum.

All TPD claims will need to be assessed on your personal circumstances, in order to establish how much you can claim. Our TPD lawyers can help you understand your entitlements.

Am I entitled to a TPD insurance benefit?

Whether you can make a TPD claim for a superannuation disability benefit will depend on a number of factors - particularly, whether this insurance cover is provided under your superannuation.

Some superannuation TPD policies will pay a TPD benefit if you are unable to return to your 'usual' duties but are now working in a different occupation.

To determine whether you may be entitled to a potential Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance benefit, check online through our superannuation benefits assessment.

What if my TPD claim is rejected?

If your TPD claim is rejected, it is normally because your insurer or super funds believe you still have the capacity to work. Find out now how our lawyers can help

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You may also be able to claim through your Super insurance policy​. It only takes 3 minutes to find out where you stand.