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We provide union members with free and discounted Wills and Estate Planning services

If you're aged 18 or over, having a valid Will is the best way to look after your loved ones when you die and ensure there are no family squabbles over your property and possessions. A Will is more than just a legally binding document. It's a personal statement that allows you to make clear what you want to happen to your estate once you're gone.

Estate Planning is linked to having a Will but also involves the review, management and control of your personal, family and business affairs while you're alive.

Our Union Services team provides free and discounted Wills and Estate Planning services to members of our partner unions. It's one more way in which we help working Australians to exercise and protect their rights.

Making a Will

If you're a member of a union that we partner with, you may be eligible for a free Will. Our Online Wills service offers a quick, simple and convenient way to prepare a legal Will from the comfort of your own home. It includes a free self-assessment tool that will help you gauge whether a Standard Online Will is suitable for your needs, or if your circumstances mean that you should seek the guidance of an Estate Planning lawyer.

If a Standard Online Will proves suitable for your needs, you can choose to proceed and complete an Online Will for absolutely no charge.

If the self-assessment tool determines that your circumstances are too complex to be adequately dealt with online, you can opt to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our Estate Planning lawyers. They can draw up a non-standard Will at a competitively discounted rate for union members.

Our Estate Planning lawyers can also help you establish a estate plan that’s right for you and considers your:

  • Current lifestyle needs

  • Retirement plans

  • Business arrangements

  • Reportable tax position

  • Health scares and family disputes

  • Future life events such as divorce and non-marital cohabitation

  • Ensuring your assets go exactly where you wish them to go.

They can also advise you on:

  • Completing and updating a Will

  • Preparing Powers of Attorney

  • Preparing Enduring Powers of Attorney

  • Administration of a deceased estate, including superannuation and death benefits, and Will disputes.

Contesting a Will

If you feel that you have been unfairly provided for in a Will or wish to contest its validity and you belong to a trade union, you may be entitled to free or discounted legal services from our team.

We can assess the validity of your claim and help you figure out which type of claim best suits your unique circumstances. Our dedicated Union Services team has a thorough knowledge of this often complex legal process. They can advise you on:

  • Testator's family maintenance claims, where a claimant feels they have not been appropriately provided for in a Will

  • Lack of testamentary capacity claims, where a claimant believes the deceased person lacked the mental capacity to understand what he or she was signing when they made their Will

  • Undue influence claims, where the claimant believes the deceased person was a victim of coercion or manipulation

  • Breach of trust claims, where the claimant believes an executor or trustee failed to administer a Will or trust properly.

To get started, ask your union representative to put you in touch with our Union Services team and we'll ensure you receive swift and accurate advice for your Will dispute. We're also happy to provide free or discounted services for union members with other elements of Wills and Estate Planning including choosing a Power of Attorney or Enduring Power of Attorney, and understanding the assets that are not controlled by a Will.

Discounts for union members

We offer free or discounted fees for union members across nearly all services related to Wills and Estate Planning. As well as access to our free Online Will Service, union members benefit from discounts on general succession planning, accounting, taxation and superannuation issues.

Our innovative No Win - No Fee agreement means that if you do decide to contest a Will, you'll only pay the upfront legal fee if we're successful in obtaining for you some of the estate you're entitled to. In most cases, we're able to offer union members a discount on that fee as well.

Whether you’re planning for your family’s future or acting as executor on someone else’s estate, we can help you by providing easier and cheaper access to our Wills and Estate Planning services.

Ask your union representative to arrange a referral to our team today or get in touch now.

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