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Why do I need a TAC claim lawyer?

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) scheme is designed to pay for the treatment and support services of people injured a transport accident in Victoria. This includes people injured in car, motorbike, train, tram or bus accidents, as well as, cyclists and pedestrians.

If you have physical or mental health injuries as a result of a transport accident the scheme has an extensive array of benefits that can assist you throughout your life.

However, like any insurance scheme the TAC has their own legal and investigative departments who assess your case from a compensation perspective as soon as you lodge a claim. So it’s important for you to have an independent lawyer on your side from the beginning to advise you on your rights and act on your behalf to help you gain the full benefit of your entitlements.

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How Slater and Gordon can help

Our years of experience in helping injured motorists with their TAC claims, means we are in a position to advise you what you can and can’t claim, helping you to understand what it is possible and what information is required to support your claim.

A Slater and Gordon lawyer can help you manage what information the TAC receives about you and your condition, and provide advice about medico-legal specialists who can assist with your claim.

Having your claim planned, prepared, lodged and negotiated by an experienced TAC claim lawyer can give you the very best chance of it being accepted straight away, without the extra time, cost and stress involved in going to court. Importantly, if you do need to go to court, a lawyer who specialises in TAC claims will help you navigate the legal process with the least possible disruption to your recovery.

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