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We work with unions to defend your rights

No matter who you are or what industry you work in, your rights at work matter. In today's political climate, union and workers' rights are under constant change and scrutiny. If you feel your rights have been violated or your safety has been jeopardised at work, we're on your side.

As a leading trade union and labour movement law firm, we have a proud history of supporting trade unions to defend workers' rights. Since 1935, we've worked with trade unions to champion the rights of everyday people and fight against Australia's rising income inequality.

The benefits of your union membership

As a union member, your membership may entitle you to free and discounted legal services from Slater and Gordon. Our firm is retained by many trade unions, and through this association, we're able to offer members access to a wide range of benefits.

Through your membership, you may be able to access:

  • Our Union Services team, who act as a conduit between union members and legal practitioners, and will ensure the delivery of prompt legal advice and information

  • A free one-hour consultation with one of our Industrial, Employment and Personal Injury lawyers

  • No Win. No Fee* for Compensation Law services or discounted legal fees

  • The creation of a free standard Online Will.

Our Industrial and Employment practice group also deals with employment related issues for members of unions that we represent, including:

Members of our partner unions who want advice about employment related issues should contact their union directly. They will arrange a referral to our team.

Our services for union members

We're passionate about protecting the rights of Australian workers. As a union member, you may be eligible for free or low cost legal advice and support from our Union Services team. The team is directly connected to our Industrial and Employment lawyers who will be able to assist you with legal representation, if required.

Our Union Services team can:

  • Put you in touch with the correct practice area for your legal needs

  • Represent you in a variety of legal areas

  • Assist you in getting the best possible outcome in court

  • Inform you about the different steps required to protect and defend your rights.

Our firm has been providing legal services for union members for over 80 years. We can handle all types of legal and strategic cases for members of affiliated unions. Your membership entitles you to exclusive and discounted access to all our employment related legal services and offerings.

Our Union Services team may also be able to set you up with free or discounted services from Social Workers to provide additional support as you move through the claims process.

Personal Injury claims

If you've been injured on the job, contracted an illness at work, or had a motor or traffic accident, you may be entitled to compensation. As a union member, you may be eligible for free or discounted access to our Personal Injury claim services.

We specialise in the following areas of Personal Injury law:

If you've sustained an injury, become ill, or had your psychological health affected because of your work, we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Learn more about Workers' Compensation

We've acted for more than 2,500 mesothelioma sufferers in the last 25 years and many more suffering from asbestos-related lung cancer and asbestosis. We can help you make a claim.

Learn more about Asbestos

Silica dust is so fine it can enter the deepest parts of the lungs. If you've been exposed to airborne Silica dust through work in industries including mining, construction and demolition, we can advise you what to do.

Learn more about Silicosis

If you're a current or former member of the Australian Defence Force or Federal Police and have acquired a physical or psychological injury while serving, you may have the right to claim damages.

Learn more about Military Compensation

It's extremely common for workers to present with injuries because someone didn't take the right amount of care or responsibility. Public liability claims can also be made for injuries suffered in public places, including sexual and physical abuse.

Learn more about Public Liability

Our team has many decades of experience in handling all types of Motor Vehicle Accident claims: from car, motorbike and cycling accidents through to truck, train, bus, tram and pedestrian collisions.

Learn more about Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you have suffered because of medical negligence or malpractice, we can assist you with making a claim for compensation.

Learn more about Medical Negligence

Under certain circumstances, if you find yourself in a position where you can't perform your usual work, your super benefits may be able to cover you.

Learn more about Superannuation and Insurance

Workers and their families covered by the compensation scheme known as Comcare may be eligible to claim compensation for workplace injuries or illnesses.

Learn more about Comcare

Wills and Estate Planning

In the instance that you need to contest a Will or simply want to ensure that your loved ones are fairly provided for when you die, we may be able to help. Our Union Services team can provide members of unions that we represent with a broad range of free and discounted services related to Wills and Estate Planning.

This includes our free Online Will service for all union members. Get started on your Online Will now.

Learn more about Wills and Estate Planning

Our union experience

From humble beginnings in the offices of the Railways Union at Unity Hall in Melbourne, we've worked alongside trade unions to defend union members and their families from attacks to the rights of workers and the erosion of their entitlements.

Our history is intertwined with the Australian labour movement and we share its key milestones such as minimum wages, the 38-hour working week, annual and parental leave, equal pay for women, Medicare, superannuation and the age pension.

Read more about our union experience

Fees and service discounts for union members

As a union member, no matter what type of claim for compensation you want to make, you may be eligible for discounted legal services from us or our No Win. No Fee* arrangement.

Our core belief that every worker in Australia has the right to legal representation, no matter what their financial circumstances are, is reflected in our innovative No Win - No Fee* arrangement. Established in 1994 in direct response to growing community concern that access to legal justice was beyond the reach of many, the arrangement means that if your claim is unsuccessful, you won't need to pay any legal fees.

In some cases that are particularly complex or time-intensive, you may be asked to contribute to the upfront cost of the initial investigative reports. We'll assess and discuss with you any likely additional costs before you agree to be our client. Again, members of unions that we represent are entitled to discounted services.

Read more about No Win - No Fee*

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