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We're working hard for groups that have been wronged

Whether it be financial irresponsibility, a matter of public safety, or many other circumstances - we're working hard everyday to obtain compensation and protect the rights of groups of people who have been wronged.

Class Actions that we're currently working on include:

How do I start my own class action?

In Australia, Class Actions take place in the Federal Court and State Supreme Courts. There are three criteria that need to be met for a lawsuit to take place:

  1. There must be 7 or more people claiming

  2. From the same, or similar, event/circumstances, and

  3. The claim must relate to at least one common issue of law or fact.

The opt-out model

Australian Class Actions work an opt-out model. This means that all people affected by the event or circumstance become members of the action whether they intended to or not. These members are bound by the decision of the court or settlement unless they opt-out of the proceedings. If you are involved in a class action you will be notified.

We are experts in the Class Action process

We're one of Australia’s leading class action law firms and are well known for our experience in running some of Australia’s most complex and large-scale class actions. We've conducted and successfully resolved major complex litigation using group proceedings for more than two decades.

We have a wealth of resources and expertise at our disposal, and have worked with lawyers and experts around the world in both international and local cases to secure the best possible results for our clients.

We also work with international law firms to pursue your interests. We have repeatedly teamed up with United Kingdom, Canadian and United States lawyers to fight our clients' cases wherever the best result can be obtained.

We'll provide you with a seamless integrated service, so that you do not have to separately engage financial or other advisers in order to properly consider any offer of compensation you might receive.

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