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Our team have an outstanding record in Class Action and group proceedings

From the first, to the biggest, to the most ground breaking and historic victories, we have an outstanding record in Class Actions.

Some of our most recent Class Action successes are listed below:

Sigma Pharmaceuticals

Slater and Gordon represented over 600 aggrieved shareholders in proceedings against Sigma Pharmaceuticals, alleging that they overstated their results in the first half of 2010, issued misleading profit guidance and failed to comply with their continuous disclosure obligations.

In December 2012, the Federal Court of Australia approved a settlement of this claim and Sigma paid $57.5 million to our clients.

Read more about the Sigma shareholder settlement


Slater and Gordon issued a class action against the agricultural company Nufarm, alleging that the company issued a misleading profit forecast in 2010 and that it failed to comply with its disclosure obligations.

The claim was ultimately settled for $46.6 million in November 2012.

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In the biggest shareholder class action settlement in Australian history, Slater and Gordon won compensation for about 5,000 mainly ‘mum and dad’ retail investors in the retail property group, Centro.

The claim involved allegations that Centro and its auditor, PricewaterhouseCoopers, had misled shareholders by failing to disclose billions of dollars of soon to expire debt.

When it settled in May 2012, our clients shared in a $50 million payment from the company and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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More of our Class Action history

Read about more of our Class Action success:

We are experts in the Class Action process

We're one of Australia’s leading class action law firms and are well known for our experience in running some of Australia’s most complex and large-scale class actions. We've conducted and successfully resolved major complex litigation using group proceedings for more than two decades.

We have a wealth of resources and expertise at our disposal, and have worked with lawyers and experts around the world in both international and local cases to secure the best possible results for our clients.

We also work with international law firms to pursue your interests. We have repeatedly teamed up with United Kingdom, Canadian and United States lawyers to fight our clients' cases wherever the best result can be obtained.

We'll provide you with a seamless integrated service, so that you do not have to separately engage financial or other advisers in order to properly consider any offer of compensation you might receive.

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