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What is a Class Action?

Class Actions allow groups of people affected by mass wrongdoings to take action together. This means a dispute involving potentially large numbers of people can be resolved by way of a single case, reducing the time and cost involved for group members.

We are one of Australia’s leading class action law firms and are well known for our experience in successfully running some of Australia’s most complex and large-scale class actions for over two decades.

Our current Class Action cases

There may be a wide range of Class Actions cases at any given time, which you could be affected by. Read about our current Class Action cases and see if you're eligible to be a group member.

Learn more about our current Class Action cases

Class Actions cover a wide range of situations

Unlike other areas of law, which can be quite specific in the types of cases they look after, Class Actions and group proceedings are broad-ranging. They cover many circumstances in which more than one person has been affected by the same wrongdoing, including:

  • Shareholders taking action against a company for corporate wrongdoing
  • Faulty manufacturing of a product
  • Immigration detention claims
  • Mass negligence claims
  • and more.

The largest shareholder settlement in Australian Class Action history

In the biggest shareholder class action settlement in Australian history, Slater and Gordon won compensation for about 5,000 mainly ‘mum and dad’ retail investors in the retail property group, Centro.

Our clients shared in a $200 million payment from the company and PWC, following a settlement of the proceeding alongside the settlement of a parallel proceeding brought by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers in May 2012.

Sometimes to win, you need to act as a group

Often, individuals don't have the resources to go up against large organisations. In a class action case, individuals join with other people who have suffered from the same wrongdoing. Lawyers select a lead applicant that represents similar wrongdoings experienced by the other members of the group.

Superannuation funds and institutional investors

Often, financial institutions like superannuation funds or traditional investment groups are also members of class actions. When they join a class action, they are representing the financial interests of all of their members. This means we're often fighting for many Australians even if they are not aware of the class action.

We have a great track record in class action proceedings

From the first Class Action case in Australia, to the biggest. From ground breaking victories and historic challenges. We have an outstanding record in Class Actions.

Learn more about our past Class Action experience

We are experts in the Class Action process

We are one of Australia’s leading class action law firms and are well known for our experience in running some of Australia’s most complex and large-scale class actions. We've conducted and successfully resolved major complex litigation using group proceedings for more than two decades.

We have a wealth of resources and expertise at our disposal, and have worked with lawyers and experts around the world in both international and local cases to secure the best possible results for our clients.

We also work with international law firms to pursue your interests. We have repeatedly teamed up with United Kingdom, Canadian and United States lawyers to fight our clients' cases wherever the best result can be obtained.

We'll provide you with a seamless integrated service, so that you do not have to separately engage financial or other advisers in order to properly consider any offer of compensation you might receive.

  • We're proactive

    For cases in the financial area, our expert team monitor the market to identify possible cases that could be brought forward on behalf of investors. It's our way of keeping large corporations in check, while looking out for those who don't have an eagle eye on the market at all times.

  • We're innovative

    For a party to prove its claim, it will often need the opposing party to provide documents and information to use as evidence. This process is called discovery. Many other firms will hire third parties to carry this out. Our team have built and maintained an in-house e-discovery platform - allowing us to quickly carry out these tasks at no extra cost to group members.

  • We do all of the hard work

    Group members generally take a very passive role in a Class Action. Once you sign on as a group member, there is little burden or requirement on you to do anything. You can reach us anytime, and we'll get in touch with updates where necessary. But most of all - we'll be working hard to achieve the best outcome for you and other group members.


Our Class Action cases are usually run on a No Win - No Fee* arrangement. Slater and Gordon, or a litigation funder, usually bear the costs and the risks associated with running the case.

The role of a litigation funder

A third party professional funder may pay for some or all of the costs and expenses associated with a Class Action case in return for a share of the proceeds if the case is successful. If the case isn't successful, the funder bears the costs it has agreed to fund. This way, the financial burden of bringing the case forward is removed from individual members.

Meet the team

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do. We promise to:

  • Champion your case
  • Provide clear and simple communication at all times
  • Provide robust representation and advocacy
  • Apply our skills to help you achieve the best possible outcome
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