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Get Your Super Back

Around one third of Australian adults are members of big bank-owned superannuation funds. This year, the banking Royal Commission revealed these bank-owned funds may have been ripping off their members. We have commenced launching a series of class actions against these funds. You and millions of other Australians could be eligible to join and get your super back.

There's strength in numbers

Slater and Gordon exists to make it easier for all Australians to have access to justice. Our class actions team does this every day. We run cases for large groups of people who have suffered injuries or losses, who ordinarily wouldn’t be able to pursue claims on their own.

Class actions are court proceedings that are brought on behalf of a larger group of people who have suffered harm or losses in similar circumstances. This means a dispute involving potentially large numbers of people can be resolved by way of a single case, reducing the time, cost and risk involved for group members.

By working together with our clients, we hold corporations and governments accountable for wrongdoing that otherwise might go unchecked.

From investors who have lost money as a result of poor corporate disclosure practices, to property owners whose homes have been affected by environmental issues and more, class actions are a powerful legal tool which allow large groups of people to band together and pursue justice.

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Our current class action cases

There may be a wide range of class actions cases at any given time, which you could be affected by. Read about our current class action cases and see if you're eligible to register as a group member.

Learn more about our current class action cases

Class actions help in a variety of situations

Unlike other areas of law, which can be quite specific in the circumstances they cover, class actions are broad-ranging. They cover many circumstances in which more than one person has been affected by the same wrongdoing, including:

  • Shareholder and investor class actions
  • Consumer law class actions
  • Medical class actions
  • Financial product or planning class actions
  • Environmental class actions
  • Human rights class actions
  • Employment class actions
  • and more.

Our history includes some of the largest settlements in Australian class action history

In the biggest shareholder class action settlement in Australian legal history, Slater and Gordon won compensation for about 5,000 mainly ‘mum and dad’ retail investors in the retail property group, Centro. Our clients shared in a $200 million payment, following a settlement of the proceeding.

We also represented 1,696 people detained on Manus Island in a claim of negligence and false imprisonment against the Commonwealth Government of Australia. The Federal Court of Australia approved a settlement of this claim for $70 million to affected clients. This is the largest human rights settlement in Australian legal history.

We're known worldwide as creative and strategic class action lawyers

For decades, we’ve made our name taking on difficult cases and pursuing them relentlessly to achieve the best possible results for our clients. We ran some of the earliest class actions in Australia and made history by achieving landmark settlements and judgments for groups affected by large-scale issues such as environmental contamination, food contamination, and harmful medical and pharmaceutical products.

Today, we run a wide range of class actions, including shareholder and investor claims, commercial and consumer law claims, personal injury claims, and human rights cases. In all of these areas, we’ve achieved outstanding results for our clients. In many cases, these results have had a lasting legacy in improving corporate and governmental conduct. This helps to reduce the chances of our clients’ harms and losses happening to others again in the future.

Our long experience in class action litigation means we’re known around the world as some of the most resourceful, creative and strategically-minded class action lawyers in the field. We’ve worked with lawyers and experts in many jurisdictions to investigate and pursue cases both within Australia and overseas. As a result, when we pursue a class action on behalf of our clients, we bring world-class expertise and resources with us, whether the case is local or international in scope.

  • We are experts in the class action process

    We’ve built up specialised systems and processes over the course of decades, specifically to run complex, large-scale and resource-intensive litigation. This means we can run our cases more efficiently, without wasting time and money on administrative and other tasks. It’s an advantage in class action litigation that we don’t think any other firm can match – and it means we can usually run even the largest cases smarter, and consequently cheaper, than almost any other firm in the country.

  • We offer more than just legal expertise

    Although class actions often involve some of the toughest legal fights going around, they’re more than just intellectual arguments, and it takes a lot more than just being experienced lawyers to be able to run them well.

    Aside from being legal experts, to be effective in a modern class action your legal team also need to be experts in project management, logistics, communications, document and data analysis, and forensic investigations. This is the kind of end-to-end expertise we bring to every class action we run – honed over a long history of successfully running some of Australia’s most complex cases.

  • The support and resources of a nationwide firm

    When you work with us, you don't just get the combined experience of our expert team, you get the backing and resources of a nationwide firm with over 80 years' experience fighting for the rights of everyday Australians. With expertise in most areas of the law, we have the people, processes and resources needed to get the best possible result for you, all under one roof.

Meet the team

Slater and Gordon’s class actions team includes some of the most experienced and creative lawyers working in the area. We've successfully run some of Australia’s most significant, hard-fought and complex class actions. Our lawyers are experts in class action procedure, commercial law, personal injury and compensation law, and a wide range of other specialties, enabling them to provide clear, expert advice and innovative representation to our clients.

Our team is also supported by a large group of outstanding graduates, law students and support staff, many of whom have worked in the class-action area for years.

Combined, the Slater and Gordon class actions team comprises dozens of experienced professionals, and an unparalleled institutional history and knowledge of class action litigation. With a wide range and variety of skills, we can effectively pursue even the largest and most complex claims.

Ben Hardwick

Practice Group Leader, Class Actions

Emma Pelka-Caven

Head of Class Actions

Andrew Paull

Practice Group Leader

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The process of a class action

There are many different types of class actions. The circumstances in which they arise and the courses they can take will differ greatly from case to case. However, there are a number of common steps or stages that most class actions will go through.

To help demystify the class action process we’ve explained what happens during some of these steps.

Learn what to expect during a class action case


Our Class Action cases are usually run on a No Win - No Fee* arrangement. Slater and Gordon, or a litigation funder, usually bear the costs and the risks associated with running the case.

The role of a litigation funder

In some cases, a third-party litigation funder may pay for some or all of the costs and expenses associated with a class action in return for a share of the proceeds if the case is successful. If the case isn't successful, the funder bears the costs it has agreed to fund. This way, the financial burden of bringing the case forward is removed from individual members.

Learn more about how class actions are funded

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