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We established the first Social Work Service in a private law firm in Australia in 2009

For years, lawyers at Slater and Gordon were seeing clients and their families distressed by injury or illness trying to grapple with, not only the emotional effects, but social consequences of their situations. Our lawyers noticed that an increasing number of their clients were getting lost in the community as they tried to deal with the significant chronic impact of illness or injury, unable to navigate the systems to access assistance. Recognising the need for a more holistic approach to client care, Slater and Gordon established our Social Work Service in 2009 to provide free social work services to its injured and ill clients.

Since the service was established, more than 3,000 clients have been referred to the service for assistance. Of these referrals, 93% came from Compensation Law claims.

If you would like to know more about our service or have a query, please do not hesitate to contact our team via the email

Where Social Work and the Law meet

Since our Social Work Service was first established, we have been helping to raise social workers’ awareness of the legal issues that impact on social work practice via:

  • Provision of education about different areas of law
  • Our Social Work and the Law e-publication that is sent to more than 2,500 social workers three times a year
  • Development of resource materials
  • Articles and conference presentations
  • Provision of an access point for social workers to use legal professionals as a resource regarding their practice issues or queries on behalf of their clients.

We have also focused on raising the awareness of insurers, insurance agents and health practitioners on the psycho-social impact of serious injury via:

  • Participation in lobbying insurers and government
  • Participation in submission writing to government
  • Education via meetings and presentations.

The Slater and Gordon Legal Education Program

Our legal education program for social workers provides education and information seminars covering a range of legal topics that will assist you in your daily practice and in understanding the legal system that affects your clients. The program is available in Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and Western Australia, at your workplace where you can contact the nearest Slater and Gordon office with available staff for your topic/s of choice. We also provide state-based and national webinars. Some of our topics include:

  • Issues of capacity in the health area
  • Confidentiality and privacy
  • Documentation, reports and court appearances
  • The Psycho-social Impact of Serious Injury.

Our seminars are cost and obligation free and can be provided upon request. Please contact for more information or to join our mailing list and receive invitations to our webinars.

Social Work and the Law

Our Social Work e-publication, Social Work and the Law, is sent to social workers on our national mailing list. Each edition includes articles by our lawyers about topics that are relevant to social workers’ daily practice, including changes to legislation and legal entitlements relevant to your clients. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please email stating your location by state or territory.

*Please note that you will only receive information from our Slater and Gordon Social Work Service.

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