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Slater and Gordon adopt a new phone service called National Relay Service.

At Slater and Gordon we have recently adopted a new phone service called National Relay Service (NRS) to help us manage enquiries from people with hearing or speech impairments.

NRS is a government-sponsored program and is provided to people for the cost of a local call. The service is very widely used with more than a half a million callers using it each year in Australia.

By using NRS, callers can contact us through a trained contact centre staff called a relay officer. In most cases, the caller types what they want to say on computer, and the relay officer will read the words out to us. When we respond, the relay officer will then type what we say back to the caller.

Callers using NRS will most likely be using a special phone called a TeleTypewriter (TTY) that is compatible with that of the relay officer, or they could be making their NRS call through the internet.

By using NRS, hopefully we will reduce the risk of misunderstanding and need for repetition, and ensure that our hearing and speech impaired clients have the same access to our legal services as everyone else.

The NRS is bound by the Privacy Act and is committed to protecting the privacy of all calls and the identity of callers.

For further information about the National Relay Service, visit the Relay Service website.

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