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Introduction for group members

The Essure device was used in thousands of patients in Australia from about 2000 until it was withdrawn from sale by Bayer in mid-2018, and over this period has been linked with a range of serious conditions and complications, including:

  • chronic pelvic and abdominal pain and inflammation;
  • irregular menstrual bleeding and cramping;
  • the device migrating through the fallopian tubes;
  • perforation of the fallopian tubes and other organs; and
  • corrosion of the device.

As a result of these complications, many of the women who we have spoken to have required hysterectomies or similar significant and invasive surgery to remove the device and relieve their symptoms.

Slater and Gordon has commenced a class action in the Supreme Court of Victoria against the manufacturers and distributors of Essure. This claim alleges that the defendants breached Australia’s consumer protection laws and their duty of care to consumers, in producing a device that has serious risks of harm of this nature, and also in failing to warn consumers about these risks so that women could make an informed choice about their contraceptive options. This is particularly important considering there were other permanent contraceptive procedures available that were equally as effective but considerably safer, and which did not involve these kinds of risks.

The claim covers all individuals who had one or more Essure devices implanted or inserted between 1999 and 2018, and who subsequently suffered injuries in relation to the device.

Register your details

We encourage all persons who have had an Essure device implanted in Australia to contact us to register your details with Slater and Gordon’s class actions team. By doing so, you can ensure you will receive updates and documents about the case directly (including documents that will be ordered to be sent by the Court concerning rights to opt out of the proceeding), and can find out more about your rights in the class action and how the claim will affect you.

If you have been affected by Essure, we encourage you to ­register your details with us, so that we can provide you with updates about the case as it develops.

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