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In 2015 Slater and Gordon commenced a proceeding in the Supreme Court of Western Australia against Western Power, its contractor Thiess and a private landowner, on behalf of residents and property owners affected by the destructive bushfire in Perth’s hills in January 2014. The Parkerville blaze tore through hundreds of hectares of bush, destroying 57 homes and damaging many more in its path.

The trial of the proceeding commenced on 16 July 2018 in the Supreme Court of Western Australia and ran for 7 weeks, judgement has been reserved.

The fire started when a wooden power pole located on private property, which had been damaged by termites and fungal rot, fell and ignited ground vegetation. In July 2013, contractors engaged by Western Power, Thiess, conducted works on the rotten pole and replaced the adjacent pole. Thiess’ line crew inspected the rotten pole, but did not detect that it was extensively damaged by termites and fungal rot.

We allege that if Western Power and Thiess they had proper systems in place, the rotten pole would have been repaired or replaced prior to the 2013-2014 summer season, and the fire would never have occurred. We have sought to recover compensation for losses that property owners, residents and business owners have suffered as a consequence of the fire.

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