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We offer a range of initiatives to ensure you achieve a healthy work-life balance

The traditional nine-to-five workplace is a thing of the past. We recognise that having the time and freedom to pursue your personal goals is just as important as providing the support and resources to develop your full career potential.

We're proud to offer one of the most flexible and diverse workplaces in the professional services industry. We get involved in the community, and we support our employees who want to do the same. We make it our business to do whatever we can to ensure you find a sustainable balance between work, family commitments and your personal needs.

There are numerous benefits to working with us. As well as being surrounded by some of the best minds and most passionate people in the legal industry, we offer the following initiatives to all of our dedicated team members.

A range of leave to suit all circumstances

Shut-down leave

It's great to relax and reconnect with family and friends during the festive season. Our offices shut down over the Christmas and New Year period, and we provide all employees with five days paid leave 'on the house'.

Cultural leave

Diversity is more than just a buzzword to us. We offer all employees two paid days per annum to observe religious and cultural occasions of their choosing. Employees who do not practice Christianity may also opt to work on Christian religious holidays in exchange for other days that are more significant to them.

Learn more about our commitment to diversity

Parental leave

We're a proud leader in the area of paid parental leave. We offer 18 weeks of paid leave to the primary caregiver and three weeks of paid leave to the non-primary caregiver. And, if you adopt or foster a child, we'll cover you too.

We also pay superannuation on the unpaid parental leave component within the initial 52 weeks of parental leave.

Blood donor's leave

We believe giving blood is a valuable community service and support all employees who wish to give blood at the Red Cross. If you're a donor, you can take up to two hours of paid leave to donate.

Find out more about our work in the community

Long service leave

Our long service leave is higher than the minimum legislative entitlement. If you've worked with us for more than 10 years, we offer just over three months of long service leave. And, in some instances, we can help you access your long service leave before the 10 year mark.

Leave of absence

If you need time away from your desk to pursue other projects or deal with personal cases, it's not an problem. We offer a 'Leave of Absence' or extended period of time off to all employees. We understand that time off work may be required for a variety of reasons - from health woes to a long-harboured desire to travel - and don't make you choose between your career and conflicting personal circumstances.

Personal and carer's leave

We recognise that the standard personal and carer's leave entitlements are not always enough to provide relief in the instance of personal illness, injury or a family emergency. That's why we offer extended personal and carer's leave of up to 90 days on full pay and a further 90 days on half pay to all employees. This includes stress and pregnancy-related illnesses.

Benefits to improve your health, wellness and productivity

Study assistance

We provide study assistance in the form of financial aid and study leave for both work-related learning and personal study endeavours. We believe expanding your mind and exploring new skills isn't something that ends at university but should be pursued on an ongoing basis. We're keen to support employees who want to increase their knowledge and expertise outside of work.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

We can all experience stress that can impact our working and professional life from time to time. Our employees can access our EAP program to receive support and assistance during difficult or stressful times.

This free and confidential counselling service enables employees to understand and clarify issues that are directly concerning them - whether personal or work-related - and develop practical plans to address them and find constructive solutions.

We have Thrive support offerings for all employees as well as additional, dedicated support for leaders.

In the community

We're built on social justice values, so it’s no surprise that we enjoy giving back.

Learn more about our involvement with community events

Health insurance discounts

Our employees gain access to discounted private health insurance through Medibank. We make it possible to tailor a health insurance package that suits your lifestyle needs and gives you better value for money.

Corporate booking tools

If you're planning a business trip or holiday, you can reduce the time and effort involved with our corporate travel booking tool, Executive Edge. Designed specifically for the Australian corporate travel market, this user-friendly booking tool enables employees to book travel for work or leisure with significant cost and time savings.

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