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Our people are the heart of our firm

We have a dedicated team of Legal Industry Recruitment Specialists who manage most of our hiring processes, ensuring that the people who join us have the right skills and know-how and a great cultural fit. Candidates can find roles advertised on LinkedIn, Seek and other job boards, and many will join us via our Refer a Friend programme. However, from time to time, we engage with third party suppliers (recruitment agencies) to support our internal team.

We will only work with recruitment agencies with which we have agreed service standards and terms and conditions.

Recruitment agencies should note that all agency contact must be made through our Recruitment Specialists. Unsolicited resumes and data from recruitment agencies will automatically be considered Slater and Gordon property and our company will not be obligated to pay a referral fee should the candidate be employed. This extends to resumes and data submitted directly to hiring managers without prior contact having been made with our recruitment team to confirm engagement with you.

It is strongly requested that Slater and Gordon email addresses and contact details are not added to any mailing lists.

Recruitment privacy policy

This recruitment privacy policy covers only information that Slater and Gordon Lawyers collects as part of its recruitment process. If you provide personal information in another context (such as a consumer of Slater and Gordon legal services), please refer to our general Privacy Policy for more information about how Slater and Gordon deals with your personal information.

Slater and Gordon Ltd ("Slater and Gordon") is committed to protecting your privacy. Slater and Gordon is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) ("Privacy Act"), which outlines a number of principles concerning the protection of your personal information.

The document details what Slater and Gordon is required to communicate to individuals in connection with applications for employment with Slater and Gordon (“Candidates”). This statement may be amended by us from time to time. This statement operates in conjunction with the Privacy Act and other relevant laws.

Slater and Gordon provides legal services in various areas of law including compensation law, family law, commercial law, business advisory and personal legal services.

This statement relates to Candidates’ personal information collected by any means for the purpose of Slater and Gordon recruitment processes.

If this information is not provided, Slater and Gordon will, or may, be unable to progress a Candidate’s application for employment or consider a Candidate for future employment opportunities.

Generally, the personal information collected may include the information placed within a job application or resume; for example, the Candidate’s name, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, career history, criminal history, eligibility to work in Australia, educational qualifications, written references, details of any competency tests and/or other career-related information.

All information collected will be used and disclosed by Slater and Gordon only as outlined in this document. Slater and Gordon takes reasonable steps to ensure that Candidates’ personal information is held securely.

It is Slater and Gordon usual practice to collect personal information about Candidates:

  • directly from Candidates, for example where a Candidate provides information by applying to a printed or online job advertisement or by submitting information through the Slater and Gordon website; and/or
  • where relevant and with the Candidate’s consent, through a third party Recruitment service provider; and/or
  • from third parties, with a Candidate’s consent. For example, Slater and Gordon may seek to collect information about Candidate’s;
  • prior employment history, by way of reference checks;
  • eligibility to work in Australia, by way of a visa status check; and/or
  • educational qualifications, by way of requesting confirmation of qualifications or results from an academic institution.

If Slater and Gordon does not have a Candidate’s prior consent for the collection of information from a third party, Slater and Gordon will take reasonable steps to inform the Candidate that it has collected personal information from a third party and safely destroy the information if requested to do so.

Candidates’ personal information may be used in order to:

  • assess the Candidate’s application (or an application submitted on the Candidate’s behalf by a Recruitment service provider) for advertised positions;
  • invite Candidates to apply for future positions of interest with Slater and Gordon and/or its Subsidiary Companies; and
  • conduct statistical reporting and analysis in relation to recruitment for Slater and Gordon and its Subsidiary Companies’.

Unless authorised by the Privacy Act, Candidates’ personal information will not be used for any other purpose without a Candidate’s consent.

Slater and Gordon may disclose your personal information to its Subsidiary Companies for the purposes of:

  • enabling Subsidiary Companies to consider you, and contact you in relation to, future positions of interest within Slater and Gordon and/or its Subsidiary Companies; and
  • statistical reporting and analysis in relation to recruitment for Subsidiary Companies.

Slater and Gordon and its Subsidiary Companies may need to disclose Candidates’ personal information to organisations outside Slater and Gordon, including outside of Australia, for the purposes described above.

Unless authorised by the Privacy Act or another law, Candidates’ personal information will not be otherwise disclosed for any other purpose without a Candidate’s consent.

Slater and Gordon will endeavour at all times to maintain an accurate record of each Candidate’s personal information.

To assist us in this regard and help maximise opportunities with Slater and Gordon, it is important that Candidates ensure that all personal information they have provided is accurate and up to date and notify Slater and Gordon of changes where appropriate.

Candidates may access their personal information

Candidates may request access to information that Slater and Gordon holds about them by contacting the Recruitment Manager at If the information is incorrect, Candidates may request that Slater and Gordon amend their records by contacting Slater and Gordon will take reasonable steps to do so.

How to contact us

If you have any questions in relation to this recruitment privacy policy, please contact

If you wish to make a Privacy Complaint

If you wish to make a Privacy Complaint, you may contact the Slater and Gordon Privacy Officer on +61 3 9602 6918 or at See full details of our Privacy Complaints Handling Policy.

Thank you for your feedback.

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