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Residents whose homes were built on top – or near – a toxic landfill in Melbourne’s western suburbs may be eligible for compensation, according to leading law firm Slater and Gordon.

This comes after it was revealed both Brimbank City Council and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) both likely knew and failed to tell innocent landowners and property purchasers of the location – and risks of living near – the Sunshine landfill.

Residents and business owners who believe their properties may be affected are invited to attend a Town Hall Community Meeting in the Brimbank area in the coming weeks, hosted by Slater and Gordon Lawyers.

Slater and Gordon Practice Group Leader Manisha Blencowe said the residents whose properties have been affected may find their property values are significantly diminished as a result.

“If you have further information about your property or workplace being built on top of or otherwise affected by contaminated land in the St Albans and Sunshine area, north of Ballarat Rd, please get in touch with us by visiting the Slater and Gordon website, register your email and attend the upcoming Town Hall meeting,” Ms Blencowe said.

“It’s believed about 70 residential properties and six industrial properties in St Albans may be affected, plus community groups including the local bocce club, Carrington Drive Reserve and Sunshine Energy Park.

“Compensation entitlements may include payment for the reduced value of properties as well as compensation for interference with the use and enjoyment of properties.”

Slater and Gordon is investigating the full extent of the leaking contamination and its effects on surrounding properties, including potential negligence and nuisance claims against both Brimbank City Council and the EPA, on behalf of affected owners and businesses.

Ms Blencowe and her team ran the landmark class action on behalf of property owners affected by methane gas contamination of their properties against the EPA and Casey Council in 2011. The class action resulted in more than 770 residents from the affected housing estate winning compensation.

St Albans and Sunshine residents should register their email with Slater and Gordon at

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