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What happens next?

We will review the information you have provided and be in contact if we need to clarify anything or require any further supporting documents.

Document Checklist

  • Contract of Sale and section 32 Vendor Statement
  • Any marketing material, maps or information provided to you about the property prior to sale (whether or not it included any information about the location of a former landfill site)
  • Any building works and permit applications (including any correspondence with Council or reports from Surveyors etc related to building works)
  • Any correspondence from Council regarding the landfill gas situation
  • Any correspondence from Council regarding monitoring or remediation
  • Any correspondence or records of information provided by neighbours about landfill issues (eg discovery of buried waste on their land)
  • If you have had any monitoring at your property, any monitoring reports or information about the monitoring program provided to you
  • Any records about efforts to sell your property
  • Any written valuation obtained since purchasing your property
  • Any documents related the mortgage of your property
  • Any rates notices

Please note that we only expect you to have some of the documents listed not all of the documents listed

Thank you for your feedback.