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Did police search you at Splendour?

If so, learn more by registering your interest now. Registration is free and confidential. By registering, you are not committing to any legal action, it just tells us you are interested in receiving more information. Your registration allows us to assess how many people are interested in the proposed case and helps us to better understand the nature of the police searches that have occurred.

What’s the investigation about?

Redfern Legal Centre and Slater and Gordon Lawyers are investigating a class action against NSW Police for unlawful searches of attendees at Splendour in the Grass festivals. Police undertook hundreds of searches at these festivals, and we believe many of these searches may have been unlawful.

An unlawful police search is a serious invasion of your rights. You may be entitled to substantial compensation - in serious cases the compensation could be tens of thousands of dollars.

A police search may include if police asked you to remove some or all of your clothing, or if police looked into your clothes or put their hands under your clothes. A search can still be unlawful even if an officer discovered an illegal item on you during the search.

This case investigation is part of our broader investigation into strip searches across NSW. If you want to read more about our broader investigation, and learn more about unlawful searches in NSW, you can visit our NSW Strip Search Class Actions Investigation homepage here.

What happens if I register?

Registration is free and confidential. If you were searched by police at Splendour between 2016 and 2019, register below to receive updates about the investigation and information on how this potential case will affect you. Your registration allows us to assess how many people are interested in the proposed case and helps us to better understand the nature of the police searches that have occurred.

Registration does not mean you engage us as your lawyers, and you will not be charged any fees – see the FAQ section below for more details. Also, your information will be kept confidential and will not be given to anyone without your consent.

Unsure if you want to register? Get in touch

We are readily available to answer any queries you might have about this class action. It won’t cost you anything to have a confidential discussion with one of our class action specialists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Registering your interest and telling us your story won’t cost you anything and doesn’t commit you to anything – you will not be signing up to use any particular lawyers, and you are not committing yourself to be part of any case. We will be able to use what we learn from your story to help configure any class action proceedings that can be pursued concerning unlawful searches.

If class action proceedings are started in the future, details about how those cases are run will be available at that point. However, because class actions are run on an opt-out basis, if you are a group member in such a case, you will automatically be covered by the case. Therefore, registering your interest now will ensure you are kept updated on any future case which may affect your rights.

Yes. Your information will be kept confidential by Slater and Gordon and Redfern Legal Centre and you will not be identified to any other party or government department without your consent.

By registering you are providing your information to Slater and Gordon and Redfern Legal Centre to use for the purposes of investigating potential class action proceedings concerning unlawful strip searches by NSW Police. Your information will only be used for that purpose, and will only be available to Slater and Gordon and Redfern Legal Centre unless you decide otherwise.

If you register, a member of the class actions team at Slater and Gordon will respond to you to confirm your registration, and may contact you again at some stage to ask whether you would be willing to provide some further information about your experiences or to answer some further questions as our investigation progresses. Any involvement you have is completely voluntary, and you can ask not to be contacted again.

It means we are still investigating the merits of a claim against NSW Police, but have not yet formally commenced a class action by issuing proceedings in Court. We hope to issue a class action, and we’ll be sure to get in touch with you at that time to provide you with a further update.

Class action proceedings provide a powerful legal tool to allow people with similar or related claims to act together against an institution or organisation that may have done them wrong.

Individually, it may not make much sense for someone to pursue a claim against NSW Police for an unlawful strip search: the police force have much more money to fight a claim, and the costs involved in running a single case could be more than the value of compensation available.

But class action proceedings can significantly level the legal playing field because:

  • they may involve hundreds or thousands of people acting together
  • the resources of the parties become a lot more evenly-matched
  • the value of the claim is large enough that it makes sense to pursue
  • class action participants don’t face any financial risks by being part of a case
  • class action participants don’t have to do anything until very late in the process in order to get the benefit of being part of the litigation.

Learn more about class action proceedings

We want to hear from you if during a police search:

  • You were asked to take off some or all of your clothing
  • You were asked to show or move your bra or underpants
  • Police looked underneath your bra or underpants
  • Police peered into your clothing to see your bra, underpants or parts of your body
  • You were searched after a police drug dog noticed you

Please don’t be concerned about contacting us if you aren’t sure whether what happened to you was a strip search – it is still very helpful to hear from you, and our legal team can help to assess what kind of a search you experienced.

A search can still be unlawful even if an officer discovered an illegal item on you in the course of the search, so we hope to hear from people affected by these searches regardless of whether anything was found.

Similarly, please feel free to contact us even if you aren’t sure whether the search you experienced was lawful or not – the legal standards involved in assessing the legality of a search are complex, so it’s to be expected that a lot of people won’t know this for sure. By telling us what you experienced, you can help us to assess the lawfulness of a range of searches in different situations, including what happened to you.

Yes, you are able to register if you live outside of NSW, as long as you were strip searched within NSW.

However, the law gives a 6 year time limit to bring a claim for this type of case, so any potential class action proceedings can only cover strip searches which occurred within the last six years.

A police search can still be unlawful even if an officer discovered an illegal item on you in the course of the search. You are not automatically excluded because police found an illegal item on you. You should still register to be part of the class action. Registering is confidential and your information will not be disclosed to any third party without your permission.

Yes, we want to hear from anyone searched by police at Splendour 2016- 2019. Please register with us. At a later stage of the investigation, we will be able to provide you with information about whether the search may have been unlawful and whether you may be entitled to compensation through this potential class action.

Register here

Last updated 16th November 2021.