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Three steps to your free super check

Our 3-minute Superannuation and Disability Insurance Claim Check is the first step to finding out whether you might have a claim. Complete it now to learn more about your possible entitlements from the insurance contained in your super.

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Understanding your rights

We’ll walk you through the next steps and let you know if we can help you on a No Win, No Fee* basis, which means you don’t have to pay our legal fees if your claim isn’t successful.

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Exploring other options

You may also be eligible to make a claim for compensation in addition to your insurance benefits. You can use our Free Claim Check to see if you have other legal options.

Injured at work?

You may be entitled to compensation and benefits for work-related injuries or illnesses.
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Injured on the road?

If you’ve been injured on the road you might be eligible for compensation.
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Injured in a public place?

Is your injury due to the fault of another party? You may be entitled to compensation.
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Supporting you through your injury

Our Free Online Claim check is currently only available for injuries on the road, at work or for public liability.

We have specialist teams to manage other circumstances where an injury may have occurred.

If you have injuries due to being exposed to asbestos or due to medical negligence, we have experienced teams in these fields and can help you with the legal support you need.

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What is TPD Insurance?

After suffering an injury or illness you may no longer be able to do your usual job.
Total and Permanent Disability or TPD Insurance
is designed to provide a lump sum payment to help support you and your family in situations like this.

Most people are unaware or forget that this insurance cover is often provided by your superannuation fund. TPD insurance is a benefit on top of the contributions made into your super fund. That means that making a claim for TPD insurance won’t affect your overall super balance. It’s also in addition to any other compensation claim you may make for your injury or illness.

Your claim check will help you figure out where you stand.