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What is asbestosis?

Unlike mesothelioma, asbestosis is not a cancer. It is a slow onset progressive disease that affects breathing by hardening and scarring the lung, which can be severely debilitating.

What is pleural disease?

Also not a cancer, pleural disease is a slow onset progressive disease that can result in pain and breathlessness when the lining of the lungs hardens and constricts, similar to asbestosis. This inhibits the capacity of the lungs to expand and contract and can affect people for many years.

Obtaining medical support

Asbestosis and Pleural Disease are not cancer, but they are long term debilitating conditions.

Symptoms of asbestosis and pleural disease can be similar to other respiratory diseases. It's therefore critical that you see a lung specialist and obtain a clear diagnosis if you suspect you have either disease. Both diseases can result in chronic breathlessness and different treatment options may be available, depending on the cause of your breathing difficulties.

It's important for sufferers of asbestosis and/or pleural disease to have your treatment managed by a doctor who is experienced in the care of such cases. The right application of drugs, nutrition, exercise, and where appropriate, supplied oxygen support can do a great deal to improve quality of life.

Understand your rights

In most jurisdictions in Australia, if you bring your claim for asbestosis and/or pleural disease and you resolve it, you'll not be permitted to bring another claim for damages if you later develop asbestos related cancer. An exception to this is New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia where a second claim is allowed if a later asbestos related cancer develops.

It's important for your lawyer to be aware of these matters and to bring your case in the most appropriate court for the benefit of your pleural disease or asbestosis claim.

If you've been exposed, you may have a claim

No matter how unique the circumstances of your exposure or even if you don't know how you were exposed, if you have an asbestos-related disease it's likely that you'll have some kind of viable claim for compensation. Proper legal research and advice is critical.

We're proud to act for people from all walks of life, some with life threatening asbestos related illnesses, others with illnesses that limit their enjoyment of life. If you have an asbestos related injury and the claim is worth your while, we'll be honoured to act for you.

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