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From a small farming town in Saskatchewan to the western suburbs of Sydney, senior personal injury lawyer Jimmy Dufour is a country boy at heart and is now heading up Slater and Gordon’s Campbelltown office.

A local Campbelltown resident and ice hockey coach to several NSW teams including the state U18s, Mr Dufour has experience in several areas of law, but it is the personal injury division that brings him the most satisfaction.

“I understand how daunting the legal process can seem which is why I want to help people achieve a positive outcome with minimal stress,” Mr Dufour said.

“I see the physical, psychological and financial stress that injuries can have on an individual and their families, and there is no better feeling than being able to help those clients turn their lives around when they feel as though they are staring down a black hole.”

Mr Dufour specialises in all areas of personal injury but he is also very passionate about making sure that injured workers are aware of their rights, especially after the NSW workers’ compensation reforms in 2012.

“Sadly, after the 2012 reforms to the workers’ compensation legislation, many injured workers were cut off benefits and lost vital assistance, leaving them unable to afford treatment,” Mr Dufour said.

“This has left many people facing an uncertain financial future, so it really important that they’re aware of what they are entitled to for peace of mind.”

A born and bred Canadian and an ice hockey veteran, Mr Dufour decided Australia was the place where he wanted to reside when he came over in 2000 to work at the Olympic Games in Sydney as a forklift driver.

“I had a great time working at the Olympics and backpacking around Australia, but after a year of having fun, I decided it was time to go back to university,” he said.

“I completed a degree in criminology and anthropology in Canada and then enrolled in a law degree at Southern Cross University back in Australia.

“From about the age of 12, I decided that I wanted to be a lawyer – I’m unsure if I was influenced from watching too many Matlock episodes, but regardless, I really wanted to pursue a career in law, and I’m so glad I did.”

The Campbelltown local is looking forward to meeting clients new and old and is excited to become part of the local business community.

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