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Ex-lovers caught in WHAM! slam

George Michael’s scorned ex-lovers would have had a claim to his multi-million dollar fortune had they all lived on Aussie soil, Slater and Gordon Practice Group Leader Bibi Amidzic said.

It was this week revealed English singer-songwriter Michael had left two high profile ex-lovers out of his will.

“If this was in Australia, both of George Michael’s former lovers may have had a bit more ‘faith’ they could claim back a slice of his estate,” Ms Amidzic said.

“The Australian legislation allows a court to make orders for the proper maintenance and support of certain applicants, including spouses, and domestic partners, as well as former spouses and domestic partners, in some circumstances.

Ms Amidzic said when assessing claims in disputed wills, the court considered a deceased person’s primary obligation and “moral duty” was to their spouse or domestic partner.

“Factors such as the nature and length of the relationship, the size of the estate and the financial resources and needs of the applicant and other beneficiaries, would be looked into,” she said.

“Any benefits previously given by the deceased and whether the applicant was being maintained by the deceased, are all relevant considerations in determining whether George Michael had a moral obligation to make provision for his former lovers,’ Ms Amidzic said.

The former Wham! frontman passed away on Christmas Day 2016 of natural causes.

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