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A 30 year old Kingsgrove man, who was looking to a change in career before being severely injured in a motorcycle accident in Strathfield South in 2008, has now settled his claim against a CTP insurer for a substantial undisclosed sum.

Murray Paenga, a former storeman and forklift driver at the time, was riding his motorcycle along Cosgrove Road when a truck pulled out of a driveway, causing a collision. Mr Paenga sustained serious injuries to his spine and leg and suffered a brain injury as a result of the accident.

Parramatta Slater and Gordon lawyer, Steven Mousas, said the accident had a devastating impact on Mr Paenga, who will endure lifelong injuries and limited employment prospects.

“Due to the extent of Mr Paenga’s head injuries, he was not able to complete his normal duties at work and was subsequently put off.

“This compensation recognises the life changing impacts of the accident on Mr Paenga. This is a man who was significantly injured in the prime of his life, and who worked in a physically demanding job,” Mr Mousas said.

“The compensation Mr Paenga and his family have received means they can live with some financial security, while being able to afford the ongoing medical costs associated with his injuries,” he said.

Mr Paenga, who still suffers from severe pain, said the accident’s aftermath had been a major shock for him and his family.

“I was just riding my motorcycle down the street like I always do. I didn’t think the truck was going to pull out in front of me,” he said.

“I worked hard as a storeman, but because I’m constantly in pain, I find it harder to do the jobs that I was so used to doing.

“My primary worry after the accident was that I would not be able to provide for my two children anymore.

“Providing for my family is very important to me, and this compensation means the financial burden we faced is now easier to deal with.

Mr Paenga also said his dreams of one day becoming a police officer have now been shattered.

“Two weeks before the accident, I got the application forms to enquire about joining the NSW police force.

“I was looking for a career change, but I won’t be able to pursue that career anymore because of my injuries,” he said.

Mr Mousas said it was a sad case that a young family man’s life has been changed as the result of another driver, but he was confident the compensation would provide for Mr Paenga’s family.

Mr Mousas said the compensation covered ongoing treatment, past and future economic loss and pain and suffering.

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