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Slater and Gordon Lawyers has welcomed the decision by the McGowan Government to improve access to justice for West Australians by introducing laws relating to class actions.

The changes were outlined by Attorney General, John Quigley, on Sunday.

Slater and Gordon, who led the legal action on behalf of landowners following the 2014 Parkerville bushfires, said the introduction of a class action regime would create efficiencies and costs savings for Western Australians involved group litigation in the future.

“One of the benefits of class actions is that they enable a dispute involving potentially large numbers of people to be resolved by way of one single case,” Perth-based Senior Associate Elaine Arcaro said.

“The costs of pursuing a class action will almost invariably be substantially lower than what the costs would be if all group members pursued their claims individually.”

In the Parkerville group litigation, Slater and Gordon represented nearly 200 plaintiffs.

“By proceeding in this way, we avoided having each individual endure an examination of their experience in the fire and the process of describing the loss of their belongings, as well as the stress associated with appearing in Court,” she said.

“Had this process not been adopted, the legal costs incurred and length of the proceeding would have substantially increased.

“The changes outlined by the McGowan Government will make it easier for future cases to be progressed in this way, which will create greater opportunities for people to pursue, who may not otherwise have had the means to do it on their own.”

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