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Northern Beaches Hospital Road Connectivity and Network Enhancement Project - Stage 2

The Northern Beaches Hospital Road Connectivity and Network Enhancement Project concerns road upgrades which are directed towards broader network capacity enhancement of the existing road network surrounding the new Northern Beaches Hospital. Construction works are planned to commence in 2016 and completed in time for the opening of the Hospital in 2018. A Land Use, Social and Economic Impact Assessment was prepared in July 2015 and publicly displayed until August 2015. In the coming months, the project will be submitted to the Minister of Planning for approval.

The Assessment document proposes the total acquisition of 16 lots and the partial acquisition of 17 lots, being 11 residential, 10 businesses, 11 lots zoned recreation / open space and one special use infrastructure lot. The proposed acquisitions include all of Bantry Bay shops located around the junction of Bantry Bay and Warringah Roads.

Our experience has shown that with the right advice the amount of compensation obtained is often considerably higher than first offered. It is important that those affected obtain expert advice about their entitlements. The moment your land is impacted by a compulsory acquisition process you may be able to trigger your entitlement to compensation. It is important that you know where you stand.

We know people want an understanding of their legal position before they start incurring legal costs. When your land or business interest is t be acquired by a government you are entitled to have any professional expenses relating to legal, accounting and valuation services paid for by the government. We can sit down with you and discuss your situation on a no-cost and no-obligation basis. Alternatively, if you’d like to read more about your legal rights when it comes to land acquisition, we can send you an information pack.

We know that as a business owner any land acquisition of your premises can have wide-ranging consequences, whether you are a leaseholder or own the freehold. You are faced with the difficult dilemma of relocating a business that might have been established for many years, finding a replacement site, grappling with advertising when your business may have previously been able to operate without it and fitting out new premises - among many other concerns. For you any compensation must take account not only of the value of your land, but the value of any business lost through the acquisition.

It may be very difficult and time-consuming task to locate a suitable alternative site for your business. Given that any compensation for your land must be referrable to the market value as at the date of any acquisition, it is in your interests to commence looking for alternative properties as soon as the prospect of acquisition arises, because the cost of land in commercial hubs can fluctuate rapidly over short periods of time– so the closer in time to the acquisition you are able to find an alternative property, the better position you will be in. We can advise you on the best commercial strategy to adopt whether you have a leasehold or freehold.

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