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Time off work can have consequences

All too often, people involved in workplace accidents are left in the dark about their options for compensation, at a time when they need guidance the most.

We understand that time off work can have significant financial impact on you and your family.

At Slater and Gordon we believe you deserve to be compensated and we’ll help you get it.

Our team of legal specialists will guide you through the legal process to help ease your worries and ensure you get fairly compensated for your injury.

Types of injuries you can claim
compensation for

A worker can make a claim for any injury suffered at work, and this includes

  • Lifting/back injuries
  • Muscular injuries
  • Occupation caused cancers and other illnesses
  • Psychological
  • Hearing Loss

If you have lodged a claim for an injury and this claim is rejected (either partially or entirely) you should seek specific legal advice about your options.

Here’s what we can do for you

Our expert workers compensation lawyers can help maximise your claim.

By working with us:

  • You’ll know if the workers compensation insurer has correctly assessed your entitlement
  • You’ll know if you're able to dispute the workers compensation insurer's decision
  • You’ll know what evidence you need and how to go about getting it

You’ll have access to our No Win No Fee* arrangement and our Free Initial Appointment** offer

Let’s Get You Started

  • Contact us and tell us your story
  • If we think we can help, you will be offered an initial FREE appointment** with a lawyer
  • During your appointment your lawyer will help determine if your claim has merit
  • In your appointment we will also explain our No Win – No Fee*arrangement

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