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Our seminars

  • Have been developed to assist you to improve outcomes for your clients and minimise risk in your practice
  • Available at your clinic
  • Cost and obligation free
  • May contribute to your CPD points

Our experienced team of lawyers are here to help.

Seminar topics available:

Family Law – Property Settlements

This session discusses how parties to a separation can finalise their financial ties with one another; what can happen if property settlement isn’t effected promptly after separations; how the Court determines the parties entitlements.

Family Law – Separation and Children

During this session we discuss why parenting plan/consent orders are important; what the process is when an agreement cannot be reached; how the Court determines parenting orders.

Family Law – Family Violence

Introduction to Family Law; how the Court views family violence and how it impacts Court decisions; Family Law Act definition of family violence; how the law has changed in relation to family violence.

Estate Law

During this session we discuss wills, intestacy and probate; what your clients can do if there are contentious issues regarding an estate; what happens if you die without a will.

Superannuation & Insurance Disability Benefits

In this session insurance claims are defined and entitlement options explained including eligibility criteria and the application process.

Asbestos Claims

Explanation of who is at risk of an asbestos related disease (asbestosis, mesothelioma, lung cancer); new population trends; legal rights of asbestos victims; entitlements; the litigation process de-mystified.

Public Liability

An overview of public liability law; information to identify patients who may be entitled to make a public liability claim; lump sum compensation entitlements; the claims process explained.

Medical Law

Medical Law explained; the claims process; common causes of actions against health professionals; specific areas of risk for health professionals.


Privacy vs confidentiality; patients’ rights and your obligations; duty of confidentiality, exceptions to duty, duty to breach confidentiality; addressing the conflicts in confidentiality.

Motor Vehicle Claim

Motor Vehicle Compensation scheme; time limits for lodging documents; patients’ entitlements and benefits associated with a claim.

Workers Compensation

Overview of Workers Compensation including system of payments and model of assessment; explain what health professionals need to know about their roles and responsibilities.

Legal Issues of Capacity

Capacity defined; an explanation of the different powers of attorney and how they apply; guardianship and administration; advanced care planning and end of life decisions.

Documentation, Report Writing and Attending Court

Writing reports and documenting clinical notes: content, access, litigation; responding to subpoenas; attending court and giving evidence. Help minimise your legal risks and survive the court process.

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If you are looking for information on ANZ CCI class action click here

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