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Manus Island Trust Consent form

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Australian Unity Trustees Manus Island Settlement Trust Sub-Account Consent

IF YOU WANT your compensation from the Manus Island Settlement to be paid to Australian Unity Trustees, to be held and invested on your behalf until such time as you request payment, please complete this form and return it to Slater and Gordon as soon as possible. 

Download the pdf version of the form

Download the word version of the form


Secondary Contact Person

(Friend, Relative, Spouse, Lawyer etc.)

You may return this form to Slater and Gordon by either:

a. Completing the form on Slater and Gordon's website at http://www.slatergordon.com.au/manus
b. Emailing the form to Slater and Gordon at manus@slatergordon.com.au
c. Sending the form to Slater and Gordon by text message, iMessage or WhatsApp message at +61 466 536 240
d. Sending the form to Slater and Gordon by Facebook message, using the account at https://www.facebook.com/ManusIslandCA/
e. Sending a letter to Slater and Gordon at:

Manus Island class action Slater and Gordon Lawyers

If you DO NOT want Australian Unity Trustees to hold and invest your compensation on your behalf, do not complete this form.

You will need to provide Slater and Gordon Lawyers with an Australian address for a cheque to be sent to or a bank account into which you want your compensation to be paid.

If you would like more information about this arrangement, including a copy of the proposed trust deed, please contact Slater and Gordon.

If you complete and return this form, you agree to Australian Unity Trustees holding your compensation funds until such time as you request payment.
There are fees that will be charged by Australian Unity Trustees for the operation of the trust. These are detailed in the trust deed that has been executed in order to create the trust, a copy of which has been provided to you. By completing this form you are agreeing to those fee arrangements.
Before any payment can be made to you, certain conditions must be met to comply with Australian law. These include:
1. The request for payment must be in writing.
2. Payments will only be made by electronic transfer into an eligible bank account nominated by you. This may include payments to a Western Union account, provided it meets the Trustee's requirements.
3. If you require payment into an eligible account, you must provide sufficient evidence to identify the account holder and the account number, such as a copy of an account statement or letter from the bank or similar institution.
An eligible account includes a bank account or other equivalent account as considered eligible by Australian Unity Trustees. An account will not be eligible if the account holder cannot be verified by the Trustee, the bank account is in or connected with a sanctioned country, and or the account holder is a "designated person".
4. You must provide copies of sufficient identification documents and satisfy identification verification requirements. This includes providing photo identification and or other identifying information (such as date of birth, boat ID, contact details, designated reference number).
5. You must not be listed by the United Nations Security Council as a "designated person".
6. You must not be resident in a "sanctioned country".
These requirements are Australian Law. Australian Unity Trustees is obliged to comply with Australian Law and it has no discretion to depart from Australian Law. Information about "designated persons" and "sanctioned countries" is available on the Australian Government's website:
If you are resident in a "sanctioned country", Australian Unity Trustees may be able to apply to the responsible Australian Government Agency for an exemption. The costs of such an application will be paid from your Sub-Account and there is no guarantee that the exemption will be granted.
If you do not agree with these conditions, or do not consider that you will be able to meet these conditions now or at some time in the future, then you should not choose for your compensation funds to be paid to Australian Unity Trustees.