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Succession Planning for Clients of Accountants and Financial Planners

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Working with our succession planning specialists

At Slater and Gordon we can help you provide a more comprehensive service to your clients. We believe that you and your clients can benefit from our co-operative and multi-disciplinary approach to provide advice on succession planning.

Here is an opportunity for you to deliver efficient, timely and affordable advice to your clients on personal succession planning and business exit planning by using our dedicated  Wills, estate administration and succession lawyers.

With our co-operative and multi-disciplinary approach, you as the trusted advisor manage the entire process from the initial collection of information from your client through to the delivery of advice and completed documents to them. As agent for your client you stay in control of the service-delivery process while we provide legal services to your client.

By using our wealth of expertise in this area of law you can provide solutions to your clients’ needs on succession planning, no matter how complex their circumstances may be.

  • How our service benefits your practice

    Working with us can help you broaden the range and level of service you can offer your clients and give you a competitive point of difference. Being able to arrange succession planning advice for clients and assisting them in the process, you can also create opportunities to generate additional revenue for your practice.  

    All the while, Slater and Gordon will be here to support you through the process with training, materials, legal advice and expertise.

  • How our service benefits your clients

    Your clients will undoubtedly enjoy the benefits of receiving succession planning services easily and cost effectively. As their trusted adviser you will maintain an active role in managing and arranging the delivery of these planning services and ensuring they are integrated with your client’s financial and personal affairs, wealth protection needs and retirement plans.

    By us working cooperatively together to collate and disseminate information, your clients will reap the benefits of receiving tailor-made planning services at a reduced fee. In addition, our fixed fee model provides upfront disclosure of fees and alleviates your client’s uncertainty in terms of cost.

  • How the service works

    Step 1 – You provide us with the relevant client information

    Slater and Gordon will provide to you with a Client Profile information request form that you can assist your clients to complete.  We need a certain level of personal, financial and business information about your clients so that we can provide the right advice and draft the succession planning documents. You are likely to already have much of this information on file, so all you have to do is collate the information and transfer it to the request form.

    We will also provide you with a Request for Services form that outlines our range of fixed fee services from which you can assist your client to choose

    Step 2 – We determine the level of complexity involved

    Once you deliver the completed Client Profile and Request for Services forms to Slater and Gordon, with the service selected by the client, we can determine the next course of action. If the services requested by the client are uncomplicated and we do not require further information, we will proceed to complete the relevant documents. This may or may not require a short conference, in which you as a trusted advisor can participate.

    But if the services requested or the client circumstances are such that the service required is more complex, we will request that you schedule a meeting with the client on our behalf.  We do not charge for an initial conference of up to one hour.  If additional work is requested during the meeting, the client will be advised of the cost at that time. Again, you as a trusted advisor will be invited to participate in the conference.

    The conference can be held at your office, a local Slater and Gordon office or it can be conducted by telephone, video link, Skype or ‘go to meeting’. We encourage your attendance if possible.

    Step 3 - Preparing the planning advices

    Once we have gathered the information we need, our Slater and Gordon lawyers will proceed to prepare the planning advices and documents for your client. 

    In some circumstances, depending on the services requested or the complexity of the advice, we may request you to schedule a further conference with your client so that we can obtain further instructions, explain the documents and/or oversee execution of the documents. Other than the initial conference, conferences of up to 90 minutes will be charged at a fixed fee, after which time the fee will accrue on a time basis. If additional work is requested during the meeting, the client will be advised of the cost at that time.

  • We provide a range of other customised legal services

    We are available to provide bespoke advice, attend conferences and prepare planning documents upon request for a wide range of other legal services. We will quote a fixed fee for these services wherever possible; otherwise we will provide an estimate of fees based on hourly rates.

    At completion of the matter Slater and Gordon will invoice your client for the services provided.