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Our Employment Lawyers

Delivering positive solutions, not legal problems

Many people can expect at some stage in their careers to have to take professional advice from an employment lawyer. This may be before they start a new job, while they are doing it or when they leave.

Having heard too often and too late, ‘I wish I’d found out about this before now. I didn’t bother to check at the time’, we know it is vital to address the critical points before they become a problem.

We're here to help

Unlike other firms, we typically represent only individuals, be they executive or non-executive directors, senior managers and members of professional organisations and trade unions. This gives us a unique perspective when facing, as we regularly do, some of the largest organisations in Australia and the world.

Our expert team of employment lawyers have for many years been working with individuals across a broad range of industries. We understand the tactics used by employers and their advisers.

We are familiar with what is important both to organisations and to clients. Our experience enables us to anticipate and deal with organisations through negotiation, mediation/conciliation or, if necessary, legal proceedings.

Here's what you can expect from us

Our approach is to work with those organisations and our clients to deliver positive solutions, not legal problems. Our role is not just about legal counsel. It is to enable our clients to work confidently with supportive, knowledgeable professionals who can make a difference to their situation. Our employment law lawyers focus on giving pragmatic, legal and strategic advice.

We offer a skillful, explicit examination of each situation. If we raise a matter, it is because it is important to us and to our clients.

We assist our clients with:

  • Advice and assistance in negotiating their employment contracts when commencing employment;
  • Representation when issues arise during their employment (whether they be matters that our clients wish to resolve with their employer, or matters that our clients have to respond to); and
  • Advice and representation leading up to and following the termination of employment.
  • Support for Senior Executives

    If a situation requires legal proceedings or mediation/conciliation, we have a team of skilled lawyers who are well positioned to help. Other areas of work for the team are:

    • Reviewing employment contracts and negotiating new terms
    • Commenting on and negotiating incentive plans
    • Advising directors on their legal responsibilities as directors
    • Advising partners on their positions
    • Negotiating terms of departure and advising on their impact
    • Helping clients when they wish to move jobs, whether or not with their colleagues
    • Navigating through post-employment restraints and assisting executives transition into the next step in their career seamlessly
  • Employment contracts

    Our Employment lawyers offer expert legal advice and can provide legal representation within tight timeframes, as the situation requires.

    At Slater and Gordon our Employment Law lawyers are very familiar with the pitfalls in employment contracts. We are ideally placed to advise you on any problems you may have with a new or existing employment contract, including providing you with speedy and concise advice on specific problems in your contract, helping you negotiate new terms, or representing you in any dispute with your employer.

    Other law firms, and accountancy firms, along with their partners and staff, recommend us to their clients. We know the tactics used by employers and their contract lawyers in the development of employee contracts and consultancy agreements. We have the all the necessary experience and technical expertise to anticipate and successfully deal with any employment contract problems you may have.

  • Employment contract review

    Right from the start Slater and Gordon’s expert lawyers can help you. We can review the employment contract you are offered in your new job, provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what you are being asked to sign, and help to negotiate the best terms for you.

    We will make sure your employment contract meets all legal requirements, can assist you with advice on the operation of proposed clauses, advise you on industry standards, clauses appropriate to your concerns and priorities and can draft proposed clauses on your behalf as required.

    Employment contract disputes can arise when the interpretation of a contract is unclear, when an employer wants to change the terms of a contract, or if a contract is jeopardised by unforeseen circumstances, such as the sale of a business.

    When there has been a change of employer because of a business sale or transfer, your new employer may attempt to make changes to Contractual Rights, which are protected under the Law. Whatever problem you have with your employment contract, our lawyers have the expertise to ensure that you can get the most out of your contractual rights.

    Learn more about employment contract review.

  • Workplace investigations

    Our employment solicitors can also represent you to ensure that your case is most effectively presented, that you are afforded procedural fairness, and that all policies, the terms of your contract (including both express and implied terms of your contract) and relevant workplace laws are complied with.

    Learn more about employment investigations.

  • Grievance processes

    Employment contract problems can also be at the root of formal grievances with your employer. Our lawyers can guide you through the grievance process from start to finish to ensure procedures followed are correct and fair.

    Learn more about grievance processes.

  • Andrew Rich

    Andrew's extensive experience both as a barrister and solicitor in Sydney and Brisbane includes working in-house for the CPSU as an industrial officer and a national legal officer

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