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We can take the stress out of chasing payment

The most common type of business contract involves the payment of an agreed sum of money to a party in exchange for providing goods or services to another party. Disputes can arise in these types of contracts if the provider of the goods or services does not receive payment from the receiving party.

While debts are an everyday part of business, we believe you shouldn't have to spend your valuable time chasing money that belongs to you. If you have outstanding debts, you can take legal action to recover them. Legal collection is usually more effective than using a debt collection agency, and your legal costs may also be recoverable.

We are experts in debt recovery

Our experienced debt recovery lawyers can assist you with recovering money that is owed to you. We are dedicated to helping our clients recover debts owed by another party. We can assist with letters of demand, negotiation and issuing court proceedings.

Letters of demand

A letter of demand is a letter we send to parties who haven't paid you by the due date. Professionally drafted by our expert debt recovery lawyers, they are usually quite effective. As a general rule, a letter of demand prior to commencing legal proceedings is a necessary and effective step in recovering the debt.


Quite often, negotiation is a critical skill needed to recover debts quickly. With years of experience pursuing debtors to recover money for our clients, we are well positioned to negotiate with your debtors in an efficient and stress-free manner so you can get back to business.

Court proceedings

If the above methods of recovering debts have been unsuccessful, it may be necessary to begin court proceedings. Often, the complexity, time and cost involved in going to court is enough to persuade a debtor that it's in their best interests to settle the matter and repay your debt before proceedings commence.


We run our debt collection cases on a fee-for-service basis. Lawyers are also prohibited from charging a commission when recovering debts. Our debt collection services exist to provide the best debt recovery solutions for businesses big and small.

Get expert help today

Seeking legal advice early can go a long way in recovering debts owed to you in a timely and cost-effective manner. Speak to our experienced team today to find out your options and get started on the debt recovery process.

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