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We make it our business to protect your interests

Disputes are an inherent risk in any business, and are likely to occur at some point in time. Every dispute is unique, and should be treated as such. It is important to seek independent legal advice if you need to resolve a business dispute. At Slater and Gordon, we can help you identify your options and protect your legal and financial interests. We develop different strategies to try to quickly and efficiently resolve your dispute, no matter how serious or complicated it is.

Our team have extensive experience in resolving most types of business and contractual disputes including shareholder issues, franchising disagreements, corporate insolvency and debt recovery. Whatever your business litigation issue is, we can help you take charge again.

We can handle many types of business disputes

Contract disputes

Contractual disputes can arise from disagreements about the interpretation of the terms and conditions of a contract, or indeed whether they have entered into a contract at all, or from a party's breach of a contract. These are common between suppliers and retailers, contractors and subcontractors, business partners, parties to a land contract, or those in a joint venture agreement. Without legal assistance, contractual disputes can quickly escalate out of control and do long-term damage to the relationships of all involved. We can generally help you reach a resolution without going to court.

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Debt recovery

There are numerous reasons why money may be owed to a business or individual. We can help you resolve financial disputes by issuing letters of demand and undertaking negotiations. If required, we can commence court proceedings to try to recover the debt. In our experience, the majority of debt recovery matters can be resolved quite early on by way of negotiation with minimal stress and expense.

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Director disputes

Director disputes can refer to disputes amongst directors, between directors and shareholders, or even between directors and third parties. Most disputes associated with directors involve either a breach of a director's duties, a dispute over the commercial or financial strategy employed by a company or a conflict of interest. In short, they involve a disagreement over a director's rights and responsibilities.

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Franchise disputes

Franchisees can end up in disputes over franchise agreements and disclosure documents. Issues can also arise if allegations of misleading or deceptive conduct are made.

Franchise disputes don't have be costly - we can help franchisees protect and defend their rights.

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Timing is everything when it comes to insolvency, and there may be ways to repay your debts that don't involve bankruptcy or closing down your business. We can provide strategic legal advice to business owners, creditors, shareholders and insolvency practitioners about the legal complexities involved in personal or corporate insolvency. Whether your company is faced with insolvency issues or you're planning to initiate an insolvency proceeding against another party, we can help you understand your rights and responsibilities.

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Shareholder disputes

Shareholders of Australian companies may be involved in disputes relating to the management and performance of the company or disagreements around a shareholder's entitlements. There are various contractual and statutory obligations which govern the rights and obligations of both parties to the dispute, and the steps taken to resolve a shareholder dispute invariably depend on the specific set of circumstances involved. We can provide expert and reliable commercial advice to help you work out the best path forward.

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Our team puts you first

Our priority when working on business disputes is to minimise financial disruption and reputational risk for you while your dispute is resolved. It's important to understand that commencing legal proceedings does not always mean going to court. We are experts at helping the parties involved in any dispute reach a settlement before proceeding to trial, and can often minimise the costs of your dispute and/or provide a speedy resolution by using alternative dispute resolution methods.

We keep your best interests in mind when providing legal guidance, and strive to ensure your business achieves the most favourable outcome from any legal dispute it is facing. We aim to offer clear and straightforward advice about the strengths and weaknesses of your claim, and any potential counterclaims by the other party.

We know how to make the law work for you

Business disputes can be costly and time-consuming, but our knowledge and expertise helps allows us to remove any doubt and stress around timing and resolution. We'll aim to provide you with have all the information you need to make the right decisions for your unique circumstances. Our team take pride in providing direct and practical advice that clarifies rather than complicates matters for our clients.


When you work with us, we'll provide you with full cost estimates before we perform any work and will only proceed with your case once you have agreed to them. Our team will always provide you with complete transparency about costs, timing and potential outcomes so that you are fully informed at all times.

We offer a full suite of funding options for clients dealing with business disputes, including:

  • Fee for service: You pay as you go.
  • No Win - No Fee*: You pay your legal costs if we get you a successful outcome. A premium will apply to your legal costs under this arrangement.
  • Litigation funding through third parties: We may be able to find a litigation funder to handle your costs during your case. They will be reimbursed upon a successful outcome, plus a fee.
  • A combined funding package: Flexible and tailored to suit your needs.

To find out what funding options are suited to you, contact us today and we'll discuss your options. We will provide you with a full estimate before you sign anything and continue to update you about costs during the lifespan of your case.

Can the other party pay my costs?

Under some circumstances, the other party involved in your dispute may be ordered to pay your costs after the case is resolved. Each case is different, so it all depends on what type of dispute you have. We can advise you of all likely cost scenarios once we have fully assessed your case. If you have financial and practical concerns, we may be able to offer you alternative litigation funding solutions.

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