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Hearing loss can be caused by a number of factors; the most common would be exposure to excessive noise levels.

Generally the person who suffers from hearing loss is the last to realise that they have a problem. The reason for this is that every time someone is exposed to excessive noise levels, they will lose a tiny amount of their hearing.

With each tiny amount of hearing loss the brain makes a tiny adjustment.

They will be aware that something is “not right” with their hearing, but they will be unaware as to the severity of their problem. It will be their family and friends that recognise the severity of the problem, and this will encourage a hearing test, and the loss would then be diagnosed to an audiologist.

How can we help?

By working with Slater and Gordon:

  • You’ll know what evidence you need and how to go about getting it.
  • We'll take away the difficulties of dealing with the Workers Compensation Insurer when claiming hearing loss.
  • We'll make sure the entire process is completed by us for piece of mind.

Please contact us today for advice about making a claim.

  • What am I entitled to?

    Under the Workers Compensation system an injured worker is entitled to both good quality digital hearing aids, as well as compensation depending on the severity of their accepted hearing loss.

  • What do I need to prove my case?

    You will need an audiogram to confirm a hearing loss, and a history of working in noisy environments.

  • What is the process?

    The process involves, lodging a claim on the last employer that has exposed the worker to excessive noise levels in the course of their employment.

    A number of forms will need to be completed, and certain documents will need to be obtained.

    Following the lodgement of the claim, and after discussions with the insurer, a medical examination is arranged to assess the viability of the claim. If the outcome of this is unfavourable, there are a number of options available which do not involve going to Court. It is quite rare that a claim for hearing loss will end up in Court.

  • What should I do next?

    Contact Mr Scott Arundell of Slater and Gordon on (03) 8833 2006 or email scott.arundell@slatergordon.com.au for a free consultation to discuss the possibility of lodging a claim.

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