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Whiplash Injury Claims

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Motor vehicle accidents can be a stressful event, with insurance claims & fixing your vehicle taking time and effort. Adding a whiplash injury into the equation can really complicate matters, especially when looking into claiming compensation for whiplash.

What is Whiplash?

The term whiplash is used to describe an injury to the spine caused by the sudden, violent movement of the head or neck, as can occur in a motor vehicle accident.

The movement, often a forward/backward momentum, such as occurs when a vehicle is rear-ended, can cause the structures of the spine to become strained or damaged, which can cause symptoms such as:

  • Neck, shoulder or back pain
  • Headaches or jaw pain
  • Stiffness or restricted movement in back or limbs
  • Altered sensations in back, shoulders or limbs, such as numbness or pins and needles

Whiplash injuries can range from mild to severe and recovery can take a few days to many years. In more severe cases, whiplash can be very debilitating, causing severe pain and restrictions which can impact significantly on a person’s life, affecting their ability to work and carry out their activities of daily living.

What could I be entitled to?

You may be entitled to injury benefits or whiplash compensation from the Compulsory Third Party Insurer, such as:

  • Medical and treatment expenses
  • Past and future care, for you and your family
  • Compensation for being unable to work
  • If your injury is serious and permanent, you may be entitled to whiplash injury compensation for pain and suffering and permanent impairment

It is important that you obtain advice from an expert whiplash lawyer to ensure that you are aware of all the benefits available to you and maximise how much whiplash compensation you may be entitled to receive.

Can I make a whiplash injury claim?

If you have suffered a whiplash injury especially one which, despite having treatment is affecting your ability to enjoy your daily life or carry out your usual activities, such as work or sporting activities, you should contact our expert whiplash claims lawyers for advice about making a claim.

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