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Slater and Gordon is particularly committed to, and expert at, providing legal assistance to individuals and businesses within rural and regional Australia. Our wide network of regional offices enables our clients living outside metropolitan centres to have easy access to our rural lawyers.

We understand that, for your business or rural enterprise, a dispute can put you and your families’ future on the line.

How we can help

Our rural law lawyers can help with:

  • Contaminated soil, fuel and stock feed
  • Compulsory acquisition, access to land and property disputes
  • Defective cultivators, air seeders, headers, tractors and other agricultural machinery
  • Negligent agronomic, accounting and/or auditing service and advice
  • Defective chemicals
  • Breach of share farming agreements
  • Grain trading disputes
  • Water disputes
  • Spray drift
  • Nuisance from water, fumes and dust
  • Will and estate disputes

When fighting for a community, we also have the ability to bring broad groups of clients together to share resources and intelligence, reducing the cost for individuals.

Our Experience

We have been engaged by rural and regional businesses throughout Australia to recover damages suffered as a result of purchasing defective equipment, chemicals, seed, livestock or stockfeed.

Primary producers, afflicted by disasters not of their making, have been able to access our assistance in identifying the cause of the calamity and in pursuing claims for the losses that have resulted from events such as chemical or heavy metal contamination of pasture and fodder, pollution of waterways with toxins, and mining activities.

We have extensive experience acting in bitter contractual disputes between farmers and sharefarmers or lessees; between business partners about grain or water trades; or inheritances.

Contact us

The experience of our senior rural law lawyers with the wide-ranging legal challenges confronting business operators in regional and rural Australia is second to none.

We understand that for clients, the relationship with, and access to their lawyer is critically important.

To assist our clients, we offer access to a range of innovative and flexible litigation funding solutions. Speak with us today.

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