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For me personally, being an accredited specialist is the pinnacle of where I can be in terms of recognition and status as a personal injury lawyer. The journey to become accredited is challenging – but having recently passed the examination I can safely say it was worth the effort.

Being an accredited specialist is an absolute privilege but also brings with it a large sense of responsibility, ownership and commitment to ensuring that you deliver to the public, community and colleagues.

To become accredited you first need to have five years working experience as a lawyer, and at least three years in your chosen area of specialisation in order to apply to sit the accredited specialisation studies and tests.

As soon as you find out the confirmation of acceptance to study, you study and then you study some more. We were required to study 12 to 15 different areas under the umbrella of personal injury law so it meant a large broadening of knowledge and understanding. The study was rigorous and requires great commitment, especially to a full time working mum of a little one (one-and half years old at the time), so my life became work, coming home do the mum and household duties, getting him to sleep and then hitting the books!

On the 25th of July this year we sat our three-and-a-half-hour examination. Then came further study as we prepared for the next testing component on the following week, involving a mock client interview with real actors as our clients. Finally we had to present a mediation based in part on the facts scenario from the interview. From here we had the long wait until October to receive our results – and I was particularly delighted to find out I had passed, alongside many of my colleagues here at Slater and Gordon.

Having accredited specialists on staff means our clients are being offered an even higher level of service. I can personally say that by investing the time in doing the study for accreditation I feel I am a much more confident, knowledgeable, reassured and capable lawyer than I was at the beginning of this year. I gained so much out of the journey that will be passed on to my clients in the work that I do for them and the confidence and capability in which I apply to their work.

Slater and Gordon would like to congratulate the following lawyers who recently passed their Personal Injury Accreditation examinations:

Andrew Baker – Senior Associate - Projects

Lily Boskovski – Associate, Public Liability

Tom Bradley – Principal Lawyer, Workers Compensation

James Carlson – Associate, Workers Compensation

Sue Emery – Lawyer, Workers Compensation

Fleur Jackson – Practice Group Leader, Workers Compensation

David Phillips – Senior Associate, Workers Compensation

Geoff Smith – Associate, Workers Compensation

Simone Welsh – Senior Associate, Workers Compensation

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