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Slaters Team Door Knocking Blog

In true Slaters style, a team of lawyers and support staff stood up for equality over the weekend by door knocking in support of the “yes” campaign for marriage equality.

With the marriage equality postal survey already shaping up to be a hot topic, the team decided to take to the streets and help people to update their electoral enrolment and explain the importance of voting for marriage equality.

“As a lawyer, every day people put their rights in my hands and yet the Liberal government wants to put my right to marry the person I love to an optional postal survey,” said Hannah Lewis of the Commercial and Project Litigation team.

“But, just like I fight for my client’s rights every day, I’m also going to fight for my rights and this is why I door knocked for marriage equality.”

“Human rights should never be subject to a postal survey but if they are, I’m determined to make sure that equality and love win over homophobia.”

“It makes me incredibly proud to work for a company where people are prepared to give up their weekends to stand together for human rights and equality.”

Will Zerno, another lawyer who participated in the weekend’s door knock said, “Going around speaking to people, it was heartening to see so much support for marriage equality who recognise that love is love. Whilst it seems most people seem to support it, it’s still really important to mobilise the community and ensure people are properly enrolled.”

If you want to vote in the postal survey, your electoral enrolment needs to be up to date by Thursday 24 August. It takes less than five minutes and you can update it here.

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