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Have you ever splashed out on a big purchase knowing your partner would disapprove? Did you tell them or keep it a secret?

Research has shown that couples rate trust as the most important factor in a functioning relationship and that for many couples money is a common source of arguments. However, according to new findings by Slater and Gordon lawyers, Australian couples are spending significant amounts of money without their partners’ approval or knowledge.

One third of Australians surveyed as part of the independent research admitted they had secretly spent more than $500, knowing their partner would disapprove of their purchase.

The majority of these respondents (28 per cent) said they had done this once or twice, while six per cent said it was a regular occurrence.

Almost a quarter of those who were surveyed confessed to secretly spending money – with men more likely than women to hide a big purchase from their partner if they knew it would make them unhappy. Spending money without your partner’s approval or knowledge has the potential to cause real problems in a relationship, especially if finances are tight.

Most couples have shared bank accounts and know what their partner earns and spends so keeping their shopping sprees secret would be almost impossible.

It’s often better to be open and honest with each other about what you spend, rather than going behind each other’s backs – are those expensive shoes or golf clubs really worth hiding and risking your relationship over?

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