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The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) has recently made some changes to TAC entitlements that should give you easier, and more timely access to the treatment and benefits you need in the unfortunate event you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident.

Changes to the law

Cyclists injured when hitting a stationary or parked vehicle

The TAC will now extend its cover to accidents where a cyclist collides with a parked or stationary car. TAC benefits and compensation are now available for this kind of accident if it occurred from 9 July 2014 onwards. If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident like this, we recommend obtaining independent legal advice as soon as possible. Strict time limits apply to these claims. Slater and Gordon offer a free initial appointment* to discuss your rights and entitlements and No Win, No Fee** arrangements for motor vehicle accident claims.

Grandparents entitlements

Grandparents are now eligible for a number of benefits from the TAC if a family member is involved in an accident. The TAC will now pay for grandparents to receive:

  • Travel and accommodation costs to visit a seriously injured family member in hospital

  • Counselling services where a family member is severely injured or dies in an accident

These entitlements for grandparents are available for accidents occurring from 26 September 2018 onwards. If you would like more details, please give us call.

Increase in amount payable for travel and accommodation expenses

The monetary amount available to immediate family members for travel and accommodation expenses to visit a family member in hospital has now doubled. The present cap for these expenses is now $20,000 per TAC claim per family.

The increased amount applies to requests for travel and accommodation expenses made on or after 26 September 2018 regardless of when the accident occurred.

Income assistance

Parents and guardians are now entitled to income assistance if they experience a loss of income as a result of visiting their dependent child in hospital.

The TAC will reimburse 100% of a parent's lost wages up to a present maximum of $1,350 per week. The total amount payable between parents is presently capped at $10,000.

This new benefit is available for accidents occurring from 26 September 2018. Parents who suffer this loss of income should contact the TAC and provide their latest payslips and a letter from their employer. Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you require more information or assistance in claiming this benefit.

Payment of professional administrator fees

If an injured person, due to their injury or disability, has a professional financial administrator appointed by a Court or Tribunal to manage their financial affairs the TAC can pay for the administrator's fees in managing their TAC benefits, including weekly income payments and their lump sum impairment benefit.

This is available for administrator fees incurred after 26 September 2018, regardless of when the accident occurred. Give us a call to find out more, including how to claim this cost from the TAC.

Other changes

Additional recent changes to the TAC scheme include:

  • An additional four weeks of overseas attendant care services per year if a severely injured person is required to travel because of work. This is in addition to the existing 8 weeks of overseas attendant care available per year.
  • Extension of dependency benefits to full-time dependent apprentices when their parent/guardian dies in a transport accident. Previously, dependency benefits were only available for full-time students up to the age of 25 years old.
  • Removal of the five-year mandatory TAC review of a person's entitlement to ongoing income benefits (loss of earning capacity benefits) of people who are assessed as having a 50% impairment or more.

If you would like to understand more about any of these changes in benefits, you should get in contact with an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer.

Need more information or want to speak with an experienced transport accident lawyer?

If you would like to understand more about any of the updates above and how they relate to your claim, or if you have a claim you would like to discuss with an experienced transport accident lawyer, get in touch by submitting an enquiry online or calling 1800 555 777. At Slater and Gordon we offer a free initial appointment* and No Win, No Fee** for personal injury matters. We also have a free in-house social work service upon referral by a lawyer.

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