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With Karl Lagerfeld’s cat set to inherit a fortune, we are reminded of the need to be cautious to avoid “cat fights” in estate litigation.

When the news of Karl Lagerfeld’s death broke, thoughts soon turned to the artistic designer’s beloved cat, Choupette. Choupette is said to have two personal maids, be fed from silver dishes and enjoy a luxurious grooming regime. It comes with no surprise that Lagerfeld described Choupette as a "rich girl" and "heiress" in interviews.

While the contents of Lagerfeld’s Will has not yet been revealed to the public, Vogue estimates that the estate is worth over $380 million. It has been rumored for a number of years that Choupette is set to inherit his fortune, however it is unclear who is going to look after the pampered feline.

The "Cat Fight"

Although most Australian pets probably don’t require two maids like Choupette, nor stand to inherit the fortune of Karl Lagerfeld, with the RSPCA reporting around 62 percent of Australian households own a pet and Australian law allowing trusts to be established for domestic pets, disputes are likely to arise.

A dispute may occur if:

How we can help

Whether your dispute involves a cat or your sister Kat, Slater and Gordon can help you by:

  • Assisting you to contest a Will
  • Taking away the stress and worry that comes with estate litigation
  • Negotiating your best possible outcome

You can learn more about our estate litigation services here, or if you have an enquiry about contesting a Will, you can submit an enquiry online.

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