Choosing a Lawyer

Choosing a Lawyer

Why Choose Slater & Gordon?

Slater & Gordon has a reputation for taking on tough cases and winning. Our success at all levels of appeal, including the Federal Court and High Court, is unparalleled.

For many years, we have been directly involved in, and contributed through professional representative bodies and Ex-Service Organisations, reviews of military justice, military compensation arrangements and defence health and welfare.

We value the service and sacrifice of our veterans, defence personnel and their families.

In July 2007, D’Arcys Solicitors joined forces with Slater & Gordon.  Our combined legal expertise ensures our clients receive the highest quality legal service available.

Our Service

  • Free Initial Consultation and Assessment – we will assess your legal entitlements, obligation-free and at no cost to you.
  • Experience – we are Australia’s leading military compensation law firm.
  • Coverage – we service all of Australia, no matter where you are posted or living.
  • Medical Assessment – we will obtain an independent medical assessment for you and properly instruct your medical assessor.
  • Efficiency – we will ensure that you receive your legal entitlements as quickly as possible.
  • Promptness – we will return phone calls, e-mails and correspondence promptly to ensure you are never left wondering.
  • Full Servicing – we will advise you regarding potential offsetting, irrevocable elections, and your legal entitlements under relevant Government ex gratia schemes and Commonwealth-funded superannuation policies.

What About a Volunteer Advocate?

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) offers funding, training and information for some welfare and pensions officers working within Ex-Service Organisations (ESO). 

Volunteer advocates trained under the DVA/ESO Training and Information Program (TIP) provide legal advice and assistance in relation to claims for compensation and appeals.

Not all TIP-trained advocates are covered for professional indemnity insurance.  Always ensure that your advocate is authorised and accredited by the Veterans’ Indemnity and Training Association and covered by a valid insurance policy.

Better still, obtain advice from a lawyer who is qualified to provide legal advice and who is independent of the DVA.

What Service Can I Expect From the DVA?

You should expect to receive at least the level of service prescribed by the DVA’s Service Charter, which can be viewed here.

However, you are likely to receive the level of service detailed in the DVA’s latest Annual Report 2008-09, which records the following:

  • a critical error rate of 20 per cent of claims determined under the military compensation  schemes – that means, on average, one out of every 5 claims is determined incorrectly
  • the average time to process initial liability military compensation claims over the past 3 years is between 161 days and 181 days (that is, between 5 to 6 months)
  • after the acceptance of liability, the average time to process permanent impairment military compensation claims over the past 2 years is between 111 days and 126 days (around 4 months).

For a detailed examination of the DVA’s performance, read Slater & Gordon’s submission to the Review of Military Compensation Arrangements, which can be viewed here.

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