Choosing a Medical Law Lawyer

Choosing a Medical Law Lawyer

Medical negligence claims are complex and often difficult to prove in Court. Determining and proving the key issues, as well as calculating a fair compensation for your injury requires experience and expertise.

Slater & Gordon have a nationwide team of 12 lawyers, who work primarily in medical law. The law varies significantly across Australia so our teams are State-based, specializing in the relevant law of that State. However, we are able to draw upon the resources of our national firm.

Making a claim in medical negligence can be stressful. You may have already experienced a terrible physical and emotional injury when you consider a negligence claim. Slater & Gordon’s commitment to client service means that we are able to minimize the difficulty faced by litigants and ensure that you always have access to friendly and helpful advice.

Our medical negligence lawyers have the experience, strategy and focus to make sure that your claim is processed efficiently and with minimal stress.

Slater & Gordon have acted in some of the most significant challenges to the law of medical negligence compensation.

What Happens Now?

If you have been injured or suffered damage from medical treatment and you think that you have a medical negligence claim, call our Legal Helpline on 1800 555 777.

A Slater & Gordon lawyer will be able to provide you with free, confidential advice on a no-obligation basis.

Medical negligence litigation can be very expensive.  Slater & Gordon’s No Win - No Fee* scheme is available for most medical negligence claim. The scheme is designed to help those whose financial circumstances might otherwise deny them access to legal representation.

If offered No Win - No Fee*, you are only liable to Slater & Gordon for the professional fees incurred in your claim, if your claim is successful. You may be required to make a contribution towards the cost of medical reports.

We will provide you with a written agreement, which explains the terms and conditions of our No Win - No Fee* scheme. The fee agreement clearly sets out your rights and responsibilities and explains how legal costs are calculated. It will also set out the circumstances, in which you might become liable for the costs of the other party.

*Conditions apply

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