Ten Biggest Mistakes You Can Make

Here are the ten biggest mistakes you can make when dealing with the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission (MRCC):

  1. Relying on a delegate or coordinator to fill in your claim form.
  2. Failing to obtain independent specialist medical advice (that is, advice from somebody who was not recommended by a delegate).
  3. Using an advisor who is not legally qualified or insured to help you with your claim - or worse still, not seeking advice at all.
  4. Accepting a delegate’s view as to whether you have an injury or disease giving you a right to compensation.
  5. Accepting an offer of compensation without seeking independent legal advice - remember that Slater & Gordon’s initial consultation and assessment is free.
  6. Accepting any decision involving the offsetting of your entitlements without having the calculations independently checked.
  7. Accepting a delegate’s view as to which scheme is best for you if you have defence service before and after 1 July 2004.
  8. Thinking that a delegate has your best interests at heart when you are injured or unwell - just ask one of our clients what their experience was with the MRCC or its predecessor the Military Compensation and Rehabilitation Service (MCRS).
  9. Believing a delegate will quickly determine your claim - all correspondence should be acknowledged within 28 days and your claim determined or reconsidered in less than 3 months.

Believing that a rejected claim or lapsed time-frame means the end of the road without obtaining independent legal advice.

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